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FiBL Europe celebrates its opening




FiBL Europe celebrates its opening

The leading research institute in organic agriculture, FiBL, inaugurated its new office in

 Brussels. It builds a bridge between FiBL’s sound scientific knowledge on organic farming

 and the policy-making processes taking place in Brussels.

FiBL Europe team in Brussels.
The team of FiBL Europe. From left to right: Magdalena Kurrig (intern), Miguel Angel de Porras

Acuña (co-director), Urs Niggli (president), Dóra Mészáros (co-director), Pia Pedross (junior

scientist). (Photo: Andrea Adriani Studio)

FiBL Europe, the new branch of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) provides

 a place for vibrant exchange between the organic farming community and the many

different representatives and stakeholders present in Brussels. "Organic farming has

become a real alternative for European agriculture, and we came to Brussels to provide our

scientific knowledge and to support the transition towards more sustainable farming even

better", says Dóra Mészáros, co-director of FiBL Europe.

World largest organic research institute

With its branches, FiBL is the largest research institute dedicated to organic farming

globally. Its research capacities are a key resource to solve the practical problems organic

farmers are facing as well as providing basic research on sustainability aspects of

agriculture.Urs Niggli, president of the new centre in Brussels, says: "FiBL Europe is the

portal to the scientific and technical excellence of the five national FiBL research institutes

in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and France". "It will offer its services to both the

public and private sector."

New office of FiBL Europe in Brussels

The new office of FiBL Europe in Brussels. (Photo: FiBL)

Aims of FiBL Europe

Besides offering a comprehensive toolbox with information on organic farming knowledge in

different European languages, FiBL Europe will promote sustainability assessment

methodologies for agricultural businesses, companies in the food sector and for decision

makers, using tools such as SMART, RISE and Life Cycle Assessment.

"Further plans are to provide more countries with regularly updated lists of organic seed

and propagation material on the platform OrganicXseeds.com", says Miguel de Porras, co-

director of FiBL Europe. "Additionally, more national lists of evaluated inputs for organic

agriculture are under preparation".

On the occasion of the inauguration of FiBL Europe, FiBL presents itself with a modernized

corporate design including a refreshed logo.

Further information: Homepage FiBL Europe

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